"Imagine the fun and discovery that comes with moving to a new home in the countryside. All sorts of wild animals live there, including rabbits, squirrels, foxes, and deer. But goats? Do goats really roam free? Join Josh and Tara as they find two goats while exploring outside on a cold winter's day. How did the goats get there and what will the children do when they find them?" more>>

Stephanie J. Corum is a freelance writer who specializes mainly in the equine industry. She combines a lifetime of horse knowledge with the ability to write about and promote horses in whatever way the customer needs. Trying to sell a race horse? She has the experience and knowledge to know what is important to the buyer. Want to promote a breeding stallion? She understands what traits breeders are looking for. Whether you need a one page flyer or a 10 page article, Stephanie can get it done professionally, to your specifications and within your budget. more>>


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Other Exciting News: Antics in the Attic won an honorable mention at the San Francisco Book Festival. See more about this fantastic ChildrenĀ“s Book and order it here.